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Understanding Immigrant Refugees Past Experiences of Trauma & Hardship and How to Help Them Be Successful in the Classroom

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Character Sketch/Expansion

Chapter 9 Middle of Everywhere--African Stories
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Bintu's Story

Brief Background Information:
Bintu shares story of thousands of other immigrant refugees across the world. Although the specific details of her story may be different than other refugees, the overall effects of trauma in her past are the same as other refugees. Many immigrant refugees have haunting memories. Bintu can be overwhelmed by the tragic pieces of her memory of her capture and torture by the rebel forces. Therapy is often helpful to refugees seeking healing from painful memories. Also, simple joys in life like laughter and food are important to healing. Love, work, and communal events help immigrants upon arriving in the United States. Struggles for many immigrants include finding work and going through the application process, being able to communicate in English, and working through the pain of their past, loss of family members, to name only a few. In regards to schooling, many immigrant refugees have difficulty adjusting to the American system of schooling when they may not have had much formal education previously upon arriving in the U.S. However, many refugees have hope and aspire to become highly educated. Similar to Bintu they desire to get her college education, find a good job, and one day be reunited with her family in America.


The Other Side of the Sky
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Farah's Diary

Interview With Riverbend: Baghdad Burning

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